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When I started photography, I wanted to show Paris, my home town. I worked in black and white for a year and a half, capturing the scenes that made me feel something strong. Lovers, children's games, street artists. Later, after traveling far from home, I discovered the power of color and structure in the new kind of photography I would eventually adopt. Little by little, my goal was to never miss the nuggets that could be offered to me: those mysterious scenes, lit by that special light, those beautiful lines and colors, sometimes someone, somewhere. At that moment, I have to be present and extremely sharp, because a second later everything disappears and never comes back. I work like a gold digger, waiting for something exceptional to happen. Coupled with the eye, the technique and the patience go in this direction. Then, the more I photograph like this, the more the spectator will be given the opportunity to feel emotions in front of a work that I always want to be stronger. This is what makes me happy.

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